In May 2016 I flew down to Sydney to narrate my essay “Nana Technology” for ABC Radio National in Australia. Nana Technology won Canada’s 2015 carte blanche/CNFC competition for creative nonfiction. Now you can either listen to the adapted version or read the full version.
LISTEN here: ABC Radiotonic
“Nana Technology” is the winner of Canada’s 2015 carte blanche/CNFC competition for creative nonfiction.

A faded picture of me and my little brother pops up whenever I turn on my phone. Here, encased magically in modern technology that my brother never knew, is the past that we were. It’s his third birthday, we’re sitting on top of the picnic table in striped bathing suits. I’m holding a patterned punching ball in my lap and his arms are reaching out, as if towards the future, but I know what he really wants is the chocolate cake mum’s carrying towards us.

Even today, I stare at the smart phone in my hand and marvel at its ability to link the past with the present, to take bits and pieces of me, my body and my voice, tear them apart, send them hurtling through the air and reconstruct them all on the other side of the world. In Skype milliseconds, I jump from Australia to Canada, from midnight to Manitoba morning, from today to yesterday, from my home office to Nana’s funeral. If only I could reconstruct my brother in the same way.

In the darkness of my study, my sister’s long blond hair and blue eyes pop up on my screen. “You OK?” she asks. I nod. “You wanna say hi to some of the relatives?”

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