It’s birthday season and to celebrate I’m launching a new project: Writer Out Of Residence

The writer is tired of being in residence, tired of working behind closed doors and windows, tired of typing away alone in her study accompanied only by the thumping hum of the washing machine and the occasional snore from her English Springer Spaniel.

So the writer’s breaking out.

Every week I’ll be heading off somewhere different with my computer, my ideas, my questions. Will people will be curious? Will they approach? Share their stories? If they do, I’ll be engaging with people I wouldn’t necessarily meet and I’ll learn more about how others find connection and belonging. Then, I’ll be composing individual Literary Sketches for each person I meet. They’ll get to keep a copy and their Literary Sketches will be immortalized on The Belonging Blog website. I’ll be having fun writing and making art. Arting, if you will.

Watch for me. I’ll be out there, in a park, at a cafe, on the tube, at a bus stop, at the airport, or maybe just parked at the side of the road. Gathering your stories. Exploring ideas. Writing away. Building belonging one word at a time.

Writer Out Of Residence: Story Catcher, Idea Explorer