Why be a writer in residence when I can be the Writer Out Of Residence, exploring the world and meeting other people?

Yep, that’s right. A Pop-Up Story Catcher who’s turning listening and writing into interactive art.

Tell me your stories of  belonging and not belonging. Share your moments of  human connection and empty outsiderness. We all have them. I certainly do. That’s why I’ve been researching and writing about belonging for over five years.

So what if you bump into me on the street or see me writing in a cafe with my laptop open? Come say hi!

What to expect?
Just a writer who loves learning about other people. This is your opportunity to share your stories and tell me what belonging and not belonging means to you.
What to bring?
Have you got a special photo, an object, a memory, a piece of torn material, or a smell from another land that once made you feel complete? Something that reminds you of what it was to really belong?
Or have you lost that one special thing that you used to touch and hold in the palm of your hand? I have. That’s why you can trust me. Come tell me your story. Bring your precious items, your memories, carry them safely in your backpack or your imagination. I will honour and take care of them.

I’ll be exploring Brisbane this year as part of the city’s fringe Anywhere Festival. You can catch me before, during or after. Just look for the laptop with The Writer Out Of Residence sign and the chick with the crazy froufrou hair.

Writer – Out Of – Residence

Pop-Up Story Catcher


Photo Credit: Stuart Hirth