“I did this course, an Alpha course, about ten years ago. We just all talk and you learn and you grow within this course. And then we went into the chapel and we just had silent prayer between us and God and at this time all of this came out of my mouth — I was speaking in tongues. Never had the desire to speak in tongues. Never ever did it again. And it was just happening and it was just flowing out of my mouth.”

And you felt a connection?

“Oh yeah, it was so close. At first it was a little bit scary because I didn’t know what was happening and then it just kept going, I couldn’t stop it and it was just this… I couldn’t understand it. If you know anything about tongues it’s a gift of understanding, a gift of speaking. So you’re speaking directly, spiritually.

I’ve never had it since and I desire to have it again, but it’s just a matter of having peace within yourself to do it.”

And you are a Christian and you are actively involved in your church but you still haven’t been able to recapture this?

“No. Because I’m too busy. I’m so busy that I leave here and I’ll work at night and I won’t go to bed until midnight. I’m working constantly and I don’t have the time to just relax.”

How can you change that?

“Well I’m resigning as treasurer because that’s another job, without pay, but it’s another job that takes up my weekends. So I’m getting my weekends back. I’m looking at where I can cut out some of my work and then have more time. I don’t even stop for lunch here. It’s just go.”

It is so important for us to stop and have that quiet time in our head. It’s important for our health, not just belonging or connection but for our health. 

“Oh Absolutely. It’s just go go go.”

And you are like all of us? 

“Yes. Everyone’s so busy.”

(Brisbane, February 2016)