The jet-setting whirlwind, but not world-weary, Pop-Up Story Catcher is back in Brisbane. After a writing residency at the acclaimed Banff Centre and an invigorating writing conference organized by Canada’s Creative NonFiction Collective, it’s back to work.

What is this Word Artist working on? Why the Anywhere Festival of course. And I have been working hard, experimenting with ways to capture your stories of belonging and outsiderness and turn them into art. Ways to make people stop, read, and (gasp!) think. Ways to stretch outside the traditional boundaries of the written word. Ways to encourage people to enjoy words. Ways to have fun with graffiti paint. Legally.

So I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes fun and also thank all the people who’ve so generously helped me. Like Jason, graffiti artist extraordinaire, who made the amazing Writer – Out Of – Residence and Pop-Up Story Catcher sign you see above. Like Ziynet and Metian of GIARA Retro Handmade Clothing, who made my very retro, very cool skirts. Like Stuart who took my promo photos. Like Bridget, who pointed me towards the wonderful people at BEMAC. Like all the crazy kids at BEMAC who welcomed me with open minds. Like Lisa and the whole Hexenschuss online writing gang who support me regardless. Like my husband, who still doesn’t think I’m crazy. It takes a community to raise a Word Artist.

And now the fun. The behind the scenes shots.

practising spray painting

The professional’s open air atelier. Ahem.


Spray painting

More shots of the professional’s outdoor atelier. Graffiti paint on recycled Corflute.


work it baby work it

Work it, baby, work it.


coloured corflute

Getting closer. And still having fun.

They Anywhere Festival starts Thursday 5 May in Brisbane so I’ll be posting my schedule shortly. Just waiting for a couple of final details. But if you like coffee, come to .BEAN (Laneway, 181 George Street CBD) where I’ll be hanging out, collecting stories. Watch for the sigh. You know, the Pop-Up Story Catcher sign.