Creating & Community

I believe that writing, reading, and creating all make for more inclusive, empathetic and connected communities. So I put my money, or rather my time, where my mouth is.

Writing With Refugee Kids

In January 2015 I started a creative writing program for the kids at Milpera State High School in Brisbane. (High school in Australia starts in grade seven.)

Milpera is a high school with a difference: it’s the first place many refugee and migrant kids and teenagers come to learn English and to start understanding how Australia works. The teachers are dedicated, enthusiastic and amazing and the school itself is the happiest high school I’ve ever been too. Despite the trauma of many of the kids, here is a place where the kids can be kids and life can be ‘normal’.

So I am Milpera’s Writer In Residence. Every week during the school terms I spend a lunch time with the kids in the library making English fun and creative for them. My thanks goes to all the people at Milpera who have made this possible, especially Miss Library.

You can read about my experiences, my Word Feast creative writing exercises and what I’ve learned under Writing With Refugee Kids.

Wild Readings: A public reading series for the storyteller in everyone

Wild Readings is a public reading forum for published and private writers. We honour the writer in everyone and want to give voice to those who are not being heard. Wild Readings is built on respect, support, diversity, and inclusivity.

Have you got a piece of writing you’re working on? Would you like to read a small part of it to a supportive audience? Don’t be shy. This is your chance!

Whether you’re published or not, we’d love to have you join us. No experience necessary. Just bring your open mind and your love of language to Mu’ooz Restaurant in Brisbane. All genres are welcome, especially creative nonfiction essays, which are, of course, my favourite.

Rather than being an open mic, Wild Readings is a curated event. For this reason we ask for submissions in advance to help us program a balance of styles, genres and lengths to create a diverse and interesting evening.

Join our Facebook Page to find out about readings, submit, and venue details.

If you don’t use Facebook please send a one-page sample to
[email protected]om with a 50-word bio.