Kirsten Fogg is an award-winning Canadian essayist, writer and journalist.

She is the 2015 winner of Canada’s carte blanche/CNFC competition for creative nonfiction.

Her essay ”After the Flood on Harte Street” was a finalist in an international competition and published in the Fall 2012 issue of Creative Nonfiction (US).
Kirsten was a freelance foreign correspondent for The Chicago Tribune and has written about Australia for The Washington Times, The Globe and Mail and The National Post. She was a financial reporter for Bloomberg News in Toronto, Canada and London, UK. She has over two decades of journalistic experience as an editor, translator (French-English) and writer.
Her articles have been published in major international newspapers.
Kirsten has lived in Paris, Bordeaux, Toronto, London UK and Sydney. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Kirsten Fogg, Writer, Thinker, Questioner, Searcher